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Hello World!

Let me introduce you to 3 Men and a Lady, LLC.


I am Brittny who will be doing most of the writing on our blog. I am the Lady who creates a lot of the smaller projects but helps with everything. I am no expert and I continue to learn about woodworking everyday we create something. I love feeling I can use power tools and not be afraid anymore!

One of 3 Men

David, who I call Dave, is my other half and one of the 3 Men in our business. He has an incredible mind to create a lot of the furniture and bigger projects. When it comes to building, he can figure out measurements, wood sizes and cuts all in his brain. I test his patience all the time being a visual learner and needing to see everything before agreeing with him though!

You get to know someone real fast when you do projects together. We have definitely had our ups and downs while building, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I absolutely love having this interest together and trying to grow a business together.

Two and Three of the Men

The other 2 Men in our business are our little guys. Not so little anymore being 10 and 11. They do like to help occasionally but they still prefer video games, playing hockey, jumping on the trampoline or swimming. They love when we are in our shed and get to stay up late! We hope they will begin to want to build with us and help grow our business one day. Here they are actually helping to build their full bedframes.

In this blog, I will feature projects we make, tools we use, woodworking tips, etc. We are working on creating a small shop that you can order from as well. Thank you for reading our first blog post. Please check back often to see what we are up to. Next up will be a walk through where we do our building. Leave us a comment what topic you would like us to blog about in the future or fill out our contact form. We would love your recommendations and to get to know you. Click on the social links to share and follow us as well. God bless!

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